Restore Appearance and Function with Dentures

Dentures replace missing teeth to enhance your facial appearance, help you chew properly and restore your self-confidence. Individuals with missing or poor teeth often refrain from speaking or avoid social interaction, because they are embarrassed by the gaps in their mouths. Gaps or missing teeth also make it hard to chew regular food and you are at risk of choking or having digestion problems. Typically, you end up consuming only soft or mushy food and liquids to avoid the discomfort.

Know that you are not alone…research tells us more than 50% of adults over 55 require partial or complete tooth replacements. In fact, illness or an accident can cause even younger people to lose a tooth or two.

Don’t live with missing teeth just because you don’t want those “ugly replacements”. Modern dentures have come a long way from the clumpy “Frankenstein-like” models we tend to visualize.

Brodhagen Dental Care offers natural looking replacements that look and feel closer to your real teeth. Most people wouldn’t be able to tell the difference just by looking at you.

At Brodhagen Dental Care, We Reduce Denture Discomfort

Dentures that are not properly sized or fitted can be very uncomfortable; not just to wear but also when chewing food. This may cause those who need these replacements to think twice, postpone getting the job done or avoid it completely. A dentist who is trained and experienced in denture fittings will be in a position to help you avoid these issues.

The professional dentists at Brodhagen Dental Care draw on their expertise to offer customized tooth replacements that you will want to wear by providing:

  • Personalized solutions based on preferences, needs and budget
  • Expert sizing and fitting
  • Natural look and feel
  • Latest equipment and techniques
  • Proper education about denture use, cleaning and care
  • Regular dental checkups to determine denture condition and timely replacements
  • Help to alleviate many of the common concerns surrounding dentures.

Brodhagen Dental Care is committed to providing the highest level of professional care in a warm and friendly environment. Talk to our professional dental team about dentures to replace those missing teeth, so that you can get back to looking and feeling great as well as enjoying the food you love.

Phone 920-499-2121 for an initial consultation, an appointment, or for more information about complete or partial dentures. You can also make an appointment here.


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