Onlay Restorative Dentistry

Onlay Restoration: What You Need to Know

An onlay restoration is a specially molded dental prosthetic for your tooth. Made of tooth-colored porcelain, gold or composite material, it helps repair teeth that have been damaged by decay or have defective fillings. In addition to improving form and function, onlays can also be used for cosmetic restoration and help enhance your smile.

Benefits of Onlays

  • Restores teeth that are damaged by dental decay and cavities
  • Provides strength to damaged and weak teeth
  • Helps preserve the tooth’s natural structure
  • Fits better than fillings
  • Precise construction leaves no space between the prosthetic and the tooth where harmful bacteria could enter
  • Is more resistant to discoloration
  • Can last up to 10 years
  • Easier to clean



To learn more onlay restoration, check out this video.

At our dental clinic, we are experienced in onlay restorative dentistry and offer customized treatment plans to improve your oral health. Our aim is to treat any issues that you are experiencing as well as protect your teeth from further damage. Schedule a dental checkup to discuss your treatment requirements. Our qualified and experienced dental team is committed to helping you maintain a beautiful and healthy smile.

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