Occlusal Appliances: Preventing Tooth Wear Issues

Occlusal appliances, more commonly known as dental mouth guards or splints, are used to manage many oral issues that can cause teeth to wear out. These can range from severe teeth clenching and grinding to providing protection for your teeth and gums during sporting activities. In addition to protecting your natural teeth from daily wear and tear or the effects of bruxism (nocturnal teeth grinding), occlusal splints can also relieve jaw and facial pain resulting from temporomandibular disorders (TMD).

Benefits of Wearing an Occlusal Appliance or Splint

  • Prevents enamel from wearing out in individuals with bruxism who may experience more than 80 times the normal wear
  • Lowers the risk of tooth fractures, gum inflammation and recession, and teeth sensitivity that result from bruxism
  • Reduces teeth wear and tear caused by grinding and clenching that is caused by stress during the day
  • Relieves ear aches, sore jaws, facial pain caused by TMD, and tension headaches
  • Counteracts the negative effects of teeth clenching during sporting activities

Occlusal Appliance

Occlusal Appliance

At our dental clinic, we offer customized occlusal appliances for a range of oral issues as well as sporting activities and obstructive sleep apnea. Dr. Mark Brodhagen’s extensive experience with occlusal appliance therapy enables him to provide you with effective teeth protection. Schedule a dental checkup to discuss your options. We have the expertise to help protect your teeth and smile.

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