ArmourBite® for Fall Football

ArmourBite® Mouth Guard for Fall Football

To improve your performance at the fall football games, consider investing in an ArmourBite mouth guard. Made using multi-patented technology, it has proven to be ideal for contact sports as it provides enhanced protection for your teeth and gums while improving your focus and performance.

Teeth clenching—an instinctive and reflex action when fighting, training or concentrating—triggers the release of many hormones, including cortisol which causes stress. It also wears out your teeth and stresses your jaws in the process. By preventing this from happening, ArmourBite allows you to improve your game.

Footballers who use an ArmourBite mouth piece say that it has many performance benefits including:

  • A quicker reaction time
  • Enhanced strength
  • Greater endurance
  • Improved confidence
  • Lower risk of oral injuries



ArmourBite contains antimicrobial technology and hence, it is relatively germ-free. Being chew-resistant, boilable and microwaveable, it also lasts longer. That is why sports professionals and trainers around the world choose ArmourBite over other sports mouth guards.

To learn more about ArmourBite for football or any other sports, watch this video.

ArmourBite can only be offered by authorized dentists. From football to boxing, golfing and running, we can help make you faster stronger and better at your preferred sport. Schedule a dental consultation today. Our experienced and dedicated dental team has helped many athletes gain a competitive edge and improve performance.

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