Treating Sleep Apnea with a Dental Appliance

Treating Sleep Apnea with a Dental Appliance

Custom mouth pieces made by dentists have proven to be an effective option for many patients with mild to moderate sleep apnea. Several studies, including some by The American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine and the American Sleep Association indicate that by helping to relieve snoring and improving sleep, these mouth pieces can also enhance your health. Your doctor can give you a prescription as well as refer you to a dentist who can provide you with oral appliance therapy.

How Does a Sleep Apnea Mouth Piece Work?

The sleep apnea mouth piece is customized by your dentist to fit the specific shape of your teeth and mouth. Also called a Jaw Advancing Device (JAD), Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD) or Mandibular Repositioning Appliance (MRA), this oral device is designed to enlarge the airway and help you breathe better. Worn like a mouth guard, it covers the upper and lower teeth while repositioning the lower jaw. By moving the mandible and tongue forward, the airway space behind is opened up to enhance airflow.



To learn more about dental appliances for sleep apnea, watch this video. Talk to your dentist about which one can help alleviate your condition.

Advantages of Using a Dental Appliance for Sleep Apnea

  • Comfortable and easy to wear
  • Quiet, unlike a CPAP machine
  • Convenient for travel
  • Easy to care for

Proper fit of your sleep apnea oral appliance is critical to ensure effectiveness and comfort. At Brodhagen Dental Care, we provide a range of oral appliances for snoring and sleep apnea along with general dental services. Dr. Mark Brodhagen is a skilled family dentist with extensive knowledge and expertise in oral appliance therapy. Schedule a dental consultation to discuss your options. He has helped many men and women in the Green Bay, Wisconsin area get relief from this life threatening sleep disorder. We can help you get a good night’s sleep as well as a happy and healthy smile.

Contact Brodhagen Dental Care in Green Bay at 920-499-2121 to learn more about our dental appliances for sleep apnea.

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