Have a Happy & Safe Labor Day

Holiday Greetings from Brodhagen Dental Care

Holiday greetings from our team at Brodhagen Dental Care!

We would like to take this opportunity to wish our patients and all the residents of the Green Bay, Wisconsin area a happy and safe Labor Day. As you celebrate the last official weekend of summer with barbeque favorites, cool drinks and sweet treats, spare a thought for your oral health! Remember that your teeth are meant to last a lifetime, so brush and floss them regularly and drink plenty of water to wash away the starch and sugar that settles on your teeth.

Dental Health Tips for a Happy & Safe Labor Day Weekend

Every year on Labor Day, we remember and celebrate all the workers in America with parades, parties and other social events. This usually means tons of food and drinks. With a disruption of eating and sleeping schedules, oral hygiene tends to take a back seat. Over-indulgence in food and drinks containing sugars and starches leads to acid attacks which erode your enamel and cause cavities. Along with our holiday greetings, we would like to share some oral health tips for a Labor Day weekend free of toothaches or any other type of dental problems.

  • Avoid consuming too many acidic drinks and foods such as sodas and citrus fruits/juices.
  • Remember to rinse your mouth with water after you eat or drink something acidic.
  • Use a straw for sodas and fruit juices to prevent your teeth from coming in direct contact with the acid
  • Try and increase your daily intake of water.
  • Chew sugar-free gum with xylitol as it lowers the amount of acid in your mouth and helps stimulate your salivary glands as well.
  • Wait at least an hour to brush your teeth after you have consumed acidic foods or drinks.



Curious about the origins of the Labor Day holiday in America? Check out this video.

Pass on our holiday greetings to family and friends with a happy and healthy smile. Remember: your smile not only reflects your personality but also your oral health. Take the time now to schedule a regular dental checkup for the entire family. Our dental clinic offers a full range of dental treatments for people of all ages.

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