Invisalign®: Braces that Fit Your Life

If you are looking for a teeth straightening solution that will not affect your eating habits or lifestyle, consider Invisalign. These clear and comfortable plastic braces allow you to discreetly enhance your smile and appearance without disrupting your work or social schedule. Whether you are an adult or teenager, a highly successful executive or high profile socialite, no one will know your secret! The revolutionary treatment that has been adopted by millions around the world, will give you a real reason to smile.

Advantages of Invisalign®

• Discreet: Made of high quality, clear plastic, these braces are virtually invisible. Since they do not affect the way you speak, chew or look, there is nothing to feel self-conscious about. People will only notice your beautiful smile, not your braces!
• Comfortable: There are no uncomfortable metal wires or food restrictions. You can do as you please and eat whatever you want. More importantly, you can brush and floss properly, which is key to avoiding bad breath and maintaining good oral health.
• Convenient: Fewer dentist visits (every 4 or 6 weeks) means you do not have to rearrange your busy schedule every time.



To learn more about Invisalign clear braces, watch this video.

Dr. Mark Brodhagen is a certified Invisalign dentist who will ensure your comfort and safety. Schedule a dental checkup to discuss your Invisalign treatment. We offer a full range of cosmetic and restorative dental treatments to help you and your family maintain a healthy and happy smile.

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