Perio Protect for Periodontal Disease

Are you suffering from swollen gums, sensitive teeth or persistent bad breath? Perio Protect® offers an effective way to fight gum disease. This comprehensive dental treatment reaches the bacteria which your toothbrush, floss and rinse cannot. It has helped hundreds of individuals better manage the effects of periodontal disease.

What is Perio Protect?

Perio Protect combines professional cleanings with a Perio Tray® of hydrogen peroxide gel that you can use in between visits to your dental clinic. The tray, which is similar to a mouth guard, has a special sealing system which delivers the medication below your gums to treat the bacteria that is causing the disease. All you have to do is put the gel in the tray and wear it for a few minutes daily.

Advantages of Perio Protect

• It is minimally invasive
• Eliminates the need for antibiotics and surgery
• Restores your gums to a healthy state
• Prevents further infection and cavities
• Eliminates bad breath
• Whitens your teeth
• Ensures long lasting results



To learn more about the Perio Protect method of treating periodontal disease, check out this video.

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