How It Works: Cavity Filling Process

Cavities are among the most common dental health problems individuals of all ages face. They don’t always show signs and symptoms, so they can be difficult to detect without the help of a family dentist in Green Bay. Schedule regular dental checkups to ensure your cavities don’t go unnoticed and are allowed to progress.

Whether your dentist has found a cavity and scheduled your filling, or you are concerned about a tooth ache you think needs attention, here’s what you can expect from your filling procedure:

1. Numbing – Your dentist will put some numbing gel on your gums and inject a local anesthetic to keep you from feeling the dental work involved in a filling. The injection may sting a bit, and the numbing can last for a few hours. Your dentist will ensure your teeth, gums and surrounding oral tissues experience as little discomfort as possible.
2. Drilling – This is the part that scares some patients, but it will be painless, thanks to step one. The cavity, also known as tooth decay, will be removed by drilling it away. Depending on the severity, size and depth of the decay, this can take a few minutes to complete.
3. Filling – The procedure got its name from this permanent part of the process. A filling of either composite or amalgam will be used to replace the tooth decay and make your tooth (or teeth) complete again. Once applied, the material will be sanded down to match the shape of your tooth.



Learn more about dental fillings by watching this video.

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