The Truth About Thumb Sucking

Thumb sucking provides many children with comfort. Unfortunately, it is not the best habit for their growing jaw and developing teeth. If your child sucks their thumb or needs pediatric dental care in the Green Bay area, contact Brodhagen Dental Care. We offer a variety of services and treatments for the entire family and can offer advice for parents who are starting to educate their children about their oral health and hygiene. From daily routines to special cases, our pediatric dentists are here for support.

Effects of Thumb Sucking on Children’s Teeth

What seems like a harmless and innocent (perhaps, even adorable) habit can actually lead to a lot of expensive dental work down the line. Try to curb your child’s thumb sucking as much as possible. If you need assistance, speak to your doctor or dentist for tips or appliances that can help.

Here are a few common dental issues that thumb sucking can cause:

• Misaligned or crooked teeth
• Formation issues with the roof of the mouth
• Over bite development



Watch this video to find out more about how thumb sucking can impact your child’s oral health.

Bring in your child for regular dental checkups by a trained pediatric dentist. The team at Brodhagen Dental Care can provide pediatric dentistry services for children from a young age all the way through adulthood. We can track your child’s dental development, offer sound advice, and provide proactive preventative care. From teeth cleaning to orthodontics, we have your child’s oral health covered.

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