Happy Independence Day from Brodhagen Dental Care

The entire team of dental care professionals at Brodhagen Dental Care would like to extend holiday greetings to patients and their families, and all residents of the Green Bay, Wisconsin area. Have a happy, safe and fun Independence Day!

Have a Fun Holiday

This fun summer holiday marks an important day in American history and provides us with a great opportunity to celebrate our country and show our pride. Here are a few ideas to celebrate, reflect and enjoy this year’s Independence Day while donning your red, white and blue:

• Connect with loved ones – Holidays are the perfect time to call friends and gather relatives. Celebrate the home you share, your personal history and our national history. Swap stories, share a laugh and make more memories this holiday.
• Relax – Americans are known for their work ethic, so it is important to take advantage of this holiday dedicated to us! Read a book, go for a run, sleep late or do whatever it is that helps you to relax and unwind. Use the day off to focus on you and take care of your health, from your teeth to your feet.
• Celebrate – There are a host of patriotic events happening so you can spend the day with fellow Americans. What better way to see how amazing our country is than to gather with fellow residents, make new friends, and celebrate? Whether you enjoy a crowded event or prefer to celebrate in a more quiet fashion, there will be something happening that is perfect for you.


Nighttime fireworks over Portland, Oregon
Nighttime fireworks over Portland, Oregon

Reflect on the past and get a refresher on American history by checking out this video.

Smile bright this Independence Day with a mouth that is as happy as it is healthy. Schedule your regular dental checkup for the entire family. Our dental clinic offers a range of dental treatments and we are proud to be part of supporting our nation’s oral health.

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