Did You Know There Is a National Museum of Dentistry?

Interested in learning more about how modern dentistry came to be? From experimental procedures to early dental tools, the National Museum of Dentistry in Baltimore is the perfect place to learn all about how oral health and hygiene practices developed. Whether you have a keen interest in teeth or dentistry, or are looking for a way to overcome your fear of the dentist, learning more is a great place to start.

Visit the National Museum of Dentistry to Learn About Dental History

It is fascinating and eye-opening to learn about the tools, technologies, experiments and motivations that led us to the advanced dental practices and procedures of today. Baltimore is home to the National Museum of Dentistry, which houses an impressive library and artifacts. See first-hand how dental professionals of the past have brought us to the present. A visit will give you an understanding and appreciation for the dental care you receive today.



Watch this video to learn more about the National Museum of Dentistry.

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