Children and Dental X-Ray Safety

Starting your children with comprehensive and routine dental care from a young age is important to ensure they understand how to care for their teeth. Establishing good oral health habits and bringing them to the dentist regularly will set them up for a lifetime of preventative and comprehensive dental care. X-rays play an important role in charting the development of your children’s teeth. You may be concerned about how these images can impact your children’s health, though. Read on to learn more or visit a dental office that offers pediatric dentistry.

Are Dental X-Rays Safe for Children?

X-Rays can be dangerous if taken often. The pediatric dentists at Brodhagen Dental Care use the latest technology and provide protection for patients of all ages, and we take particular care with our young patients. We use safety precautions to ensure children are covered from the neck to thighs. The recommended frequency of x-rays varies depending on the health of your child’s teeth but they will be taken only as needed. These images allow dentists to track how teeth are erupting, developing, and if any are missing. They also allow us to track injuries, infections, and see cavities that are otherwise hidden. Bone diseases and other issues can also be detected from x-ray images so, while they shouldn’t be taken more often than necessary, they should not be skipped either.


Dentist prepares girl to jaw x-ray image

Watch this video to learn more about dental x-rays for your children.

Bring Your Children to a Pediatric Dentist in Green Bay, Wisconsin

Visit the friendly team at Brodhagen Dental Care for pediatric dentistry. Our dental office welcomes patients of all ages and we can provide comprehensive care for your children’s developing teeth and gums. Visit Dr. Mark Brodhagen and staff to learn more about our dental services.

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