How Mouth Guards Prevent Concussion

Prevent Concussions with a Mouth Guard

Sports like hockey, lacrosse, wrestling, football, baseball, soccer, gymnastics, and mountain biking can leave your teeth and head vulnerable to injury. Mouth guards can help protect your teeth from serious damage. Did you know your mouth guard can also limit the severity and risk of experiencing a concussion? If you or your children play contact sports, getting a custom ArmourBite mouth guard made is crucial for staying safe while being active.

How Can a Mouth Guard Prevent Concussion?

A custom mouth guard made from an impression will ensure you get a mouth guard that fits your teeth and mouth perfectly. This will prevent your teeth from becoming chipped or broken, or your oral tissues from becoming severely cut and damaged during sports. The mouth guard will also cushion major impact and keep the lower jaw from rattling your skull, which can decrease the severity of a concussion.



Watch this video to learn more about head protection and mouth guards and how they can protect you or your loved one during contact sports.

Get your custom mouth guard for comfortable, safe and effective tooth protection. Get regular dental checkups and ask your family dentist in Green Bay about getting fitted for an ArmourBite mouth guard. Having protection that fits properly will make it more effective and more comfortable, so you can focus on the game or activity and not worry about how to keep your mouth guard in place.

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