Happy Earth Day from Brodhagen Dental Care

Holiday Greetings from Brodhagen Dental Care

Protect the Planet and Your Teeth this Earth Day

Brodhagen Dental Care would like to wish you a Happy Earth Day! We could all stand to make our habits and lifestyles a little more eco-friendly. Here are 3 dental tips to maintain your oral hygiene while taking into consideration our beautiful planet:

  1. Turn off the tap – Turn the water off when you are brushing. You should brush your teeth for two minutes to truly get your teeth clean and fend off bacteria. Don’t leave the tap running during that time and you will save water.
  2. Buy green products – Choose green products like a tooth brush made from natural materials and floss that is biodegradable. You can feel good about flossing daily and replacing your toothbrush if it is made from recycled materials.
  3. Eat local – Your teeth benefit from a balanced diet that is rich in fiber, fresh vegetables and fruits. Choosing seasonal, local produce will keep your teeth in great condition and benefit the planet.



Watch this video to learn about how the first Earth Day came to be celebrated.

Having regular dental checkups will keep your teeth healthy, longer. Preventative care and catching issues early will require less intensive dental treatment later. This Earth Day, care for the planet and your smile by scheduling your dental appointment. Get more useful dental tips and enjoy a bright, healthy smile.

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