Teeth Through College

Get Your Teeth Through College, Too!

College is an exciting time. New friends, new experiences and more independence can lead to a lot of changes and old habits that are left behind. Don’t let good oral health be one of those habits! Keeping up a good oral hygiene routine and taking care of your teeth through studying, partying and dorm living will ensure your smile is healthy and bright for graduation photos; and after.

Dental Tips for College

Shared bathrooms, living on campus and late nights can make keeping up with your dental health an afterthought. It doesn’t have to be, though. Make a teeth cleaning kit with a toothbrush, toothpaste and floss so that you can keep your teeth clean and healthy all the way through your degree. Don’t leave trauma, such as a chipped tooth, cut gums, or a lost or shifted tooth to heal itself. Visiting your dentist will increase the odds that your tooth can be repositioned and won’t be left to cause further pain, damage, or decay in your mouth.

Diverse International Students Celebrating Graduation


Watch this video to learn more about getting your teeth safely to graduation day.

Need a Dentist in Green Bay, Wisconsin?

If you have moved to a new city for school or are simply looking for a more convenient place to get your dental checkups, Brodhagen Dental Care can help you keep your smile healthy while you attend college. We offer a range of dental services and are currently welcoming new patients. Come in for your regular checkup and to have your oral health questions answered.

Call Brodhagen Dental Care in Green Bay at 920-499-2121 for a consultation and to learn more about our dental services.

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