Does White Mean Healthy?

Here’s a lifelong dental tip—get a checkup even if your teeth are pearly white!

Did you know that white teeth are not necessarily healthy ones? There might be issues below the surface that are not visible to you. Often, symptoms don’t manifest themselves till the problem is quite advanced.

Regular dental checkups offer many benefits. These include:

  • Prevention of gum disease: This is not usually seen until the advanced stages where gums will start to bleed and your teeth are at risk of falling out.
  • Eliminating bad breath: Your perfect smile doesn’t stand a chance when accompanied by bad breath. This may be caused by poor oral hygiene, not flossing daily, and could lead to the buildup of plaque and gum disease.
  • Cavity check: The sugary and sour foods we consume unleash acid attacks on our teeth. This weakens the enamel and encourages bacteria growth, both of which are responsible for the formation of cavities. When caught in the early stages during a routine checkup, cavities might even be reversed without painful fillings.
  • Overall health: Gum disease and poor oral hygiene have been linked to an increased risk for heart disease and stroke. With the right care and treatment, this can be avoided.



Watch this video for more dental tips on the benefits of routine checkups and timely treatments.

Regular checkups are the only way to monitor the health of your teeth. You dentist has the right training and equipment to diagnose issues before they have an impact on your gums and teeth. Early detection and treatment have proven to deliver the most positive results. Your smile will be both attractive and healthy.

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