Most Common Dental Problems In Children

Regular dental checkups and proper oral hygiene can help prevent some of the most common problems that children face. The important thing is to visit the dentist before issues arise. Read about the typical pediatric dental issues you need to stay vigilant about.

  1. Cavities: Tooth decay and cavities, often caused by frequent consumption of snacks and sugary drinks (and poor nutrition) can do major damage to structure. Regular checks and timely attention help reduce pain and the risk of tooth loss.
  2. Toothache: This can occur for a variety of reasons including cavities, decay or a piece of food that is stuck in between teeth. Rinse your child’s mouth with lukewarm water and make a dental appointment to determine the exact cause and get the right treatment.
  3. Gaps between teeth: Improper spacing or misshapen teeth result in misalignment and bite issues. This can put stress on surrounding teeth causing them to wear out as well as affect the way your child speaks. Your dentist can provide orthodontic solutions to remedy the problem.
  4. Discolored teeth: Consumption of dark colored drinks and foods, as well as lack of proper brushing can cause children’s teeth to be stained. Tooth cleaning by your dentist removes buildup for bright and shiny teeth.
  5. Bad breath: Poor oral hygiene, gum problems and dry mouth are some of the main causes of bad breath in children. Be diligent about their brushing and flossing and take them in for regular dental checkups. This can help minimize extensive treatments later on.
  6. Teeth grinding: Also known as bruxism, this is considered a developmental stage of childhood. Grinding, however, can wear out teeth and cause pain, so it needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Talk to your child’s dentist about it.

Watch this video to learn more about the most common dental problems children face and how to deal with them.

Good oral health is important to your child’s overall well-being. Regular dental checkups not only help monitor health of teeth and gums, but they also help build children’s confidence in dentists helping them become less anxious about any proposed treatments.

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