Snacks and Healthy Teeth

Pediatric Dentistry: 10 Tips on Snacks for Healthy Teeth

Pediatric dentistry professionals caution parents about some of the common food and drink items their children may be consuming on a daily basis. It might surprise you to learn that many of the so-called healthy snacks you give your kids, e.g. sports drinks, power bars and even raisins are not so great for their teeth. The main reason being that sugars and acid from these items linger in their mouths and eat away at the tooth enamel. Here are some suggestions to minimize their exposure and the consequent damage.

10 pediatric dentistry tips on smart snacking:

  1. Choose nuts and seeds, peanut butter, cheese, plain yogurt and popcorn instead of items with high sugar content.
  2. Make unsweetened, unflavored milk or water their first choice, rather than sugary drinks.
  3. Limit carbonated drinks and juices such as orange and lemonade which are acidic and can cause tooth decay.
  4. Offer sweets at mealtimes rather than in between as they are less likely to harm your child’s teeth when saliva flow is greater.
  5. Opt for fresh or unsweetened canned fruits and vegetables as well as whole grain crackers and breads as a snack.
  6. Urge them to eat fruit for dessert.
  7. Limit the number of times a day your child eats or drinks sugars.
  8. Avoid sugary treats that stay in the mouth for a long time, like hard candy or lollipops as well as soft, sticky sweets that get stuck in your child’s teeth.
  9. Encourage them to drink water between meals.
  10. Ensure that children brush their teeth at least twice a day and before going to bed.

Watch this video to learn more about how certain snacks affects dental health.

Visit a pediatric dentist twice a year to monitor your children’s oral health. Early diagnosis and treatment can prevent serious teeth and gum issues.

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