Baby Teeth and Tooth Decay

Pediatric dentistry specializes in children’s dental health. It is a good idea to schedule at least two visits a year to ensure your children’s teeth and gums are healthy.

Tooth decay on the rise

Recent reports indicate a marked rise in tooth decay and cavities among children. Drinking and cooking with bottled water (which is low in fluoride) and consumption of too many sugary drinks or food are believed to be the main causes. Pediatric dentists recommend filling cavities as soon as possible even though the baby teeth will fall out. Take your child to a pediatric dentist as soon as possible at the first sign of trouble.

Why fill baby teeth?

Pediatric dentists explain that leaving tooth decay or cavities unattended will cause them to spread. The resulting infection can even impact the permanent tooth before its eruption. Once this happens, there is an increased risk of losing not just the baby tooth but the permanent one as well.

The advantages of taking your children to a pediatric dentist

From the dental treatments to the office set up, everything at a pediatric dentistry center is designed especially for children. Great care is taken to ensure children’s comfort and safety during checkups and procedures. In the case of multiple cavities or fillings, for instance, an anesthetic may be administered to reduce pain and discomfort. Some pediatric dentists may even use oxygen.

Watch this video to learn more about how pediatric dentists treats baby teeth and tooth decay.

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