The Tooth Fairy and Your Family

Do your kids leave their baby teeth for the tooth fairy hoping for some money in return? Many families subscribe to this tradition, just as they do with Santa Claus. It makes the transition from baby to adult teeth exciting and gives the children something to look forward to. Children are encouraged to keep their teeth white, shiny and healthy. They are told that the tooth fairy picks only the very best teeth she can find.

When did the tooth fairy concept originate?

The popularity of the tooth fairy has resulted in games, merchandise and even a blockbuster Hollywood film dedicated to this imaginary character.

When and where did all this start? Right here in America, and not too long ago—at the beginning of the 20th century.

History suggests that original stories revolved around a mouse (or rodent) who would steal children’s teeth in the middle of the night. This ultimately graduated to the tooth family character.

Today, many family dentists will even provide their young patients with a little plastic box or pouch in which to store the tooth which has fallen out.

Here is a little Tooth Fairy Receipt that can add to fun and help make the experience a little more authentic. Print it off for the little baby tooth producers in your family!

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The moral of the tooth fairy tradition

While the tooth fairy is a nice way to divert attention from the anxiety and discomfort some children may experience, it is also a good opportunity to reinforce the importance of dental hygiene.

Scheduling regular checkups at your family dentist will help your children maintain good oral health and catch small issues before they cause serious dental problems. It will help your children be less anxious about losing their baby teeth.

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