Why Professionals Choose ArmourBite®

Why Professionals Choose ArmourBite®

ArmourBite® has fast become the mouthpiece of choice for hundreds of sports professionals across North America. Experts recommend the use of a mouth guard for almost any sport to reduce the impact of jaw clenching during training and competitions. Many body builders, athletes and even pro-golfers now recommend ArmourBite® mouth guard over other similar products available in the market citing far superior comfort and performance.

Key benefits of using ArmourBite®

  • It offers advanced cushioning to protect your teeth
  • Eliminates stress to increasing your focus during training and at competitive events
  • Reduces cortisol
  • Keeps your body at a peak level of performance
  • It does not impair speech, which is advantageous during training



Watch this video to learn why sports professionals such as four-time Mr. Olympia, Jay Cutler, recommend ArmourBite®.

ArmourBite® is available at select dental offices and outlets. Check with your dentist about using this revolutionary mouth guard during sports training and competitive events. Your dentist will make sure the piece fits properly so that you can enjoy maximum protection and performance enhancement.

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