Tooth Whitening Process

How to Do Tooth Whitening Using Custom Trays

Tooth whitening using custom trays allows you to control the coloration process for more even results. The key to success, however, is the custom fit and applying just the right amount of whitening solution. Here’s a guide to getting it done right. It is also recommended that you have your teeth professionally cleaned to remove all deposits, as well as surface stain that may interfere with the whitening agent being in direct contact with the tooth.

Tips on tooth whitening using custom trays:

  • Use half a syringe for each treatment, quarter for the upper whitening tray and a quarter for the lower one.
  • Once the gel achieves the same temperature as your mouth it will liquefy more and flow easier.
  • Applying too much gel results in salivation and some of the gel escaping causing much discomfort as well as reducing the effectiveness.
  • Put a single dab on the outside areas of the teeth (the part that is visible).
  • Go back to the dabs and scribble over them to spread them out a bit (do not apply more gel).
  • If you are targeting specific areas you may want to fill those in a little more to achieve even whitening on the whole set.
Nancy King after Photos
Nancy King after Photos

2013-08-28_2The advantages of tooth whitening using custom trays:

  • It is an economical way to achieve a whiter, brighter smile.
  • It avoids the messiness of strips which can also slide around your mouth and are known to cause some gum irritation.
  • You can target specific areas like the corner teeth which are typically more yellow.
  • You can control the amount of whitening for an even coloration.
  • You can avoid areas that have been previously treated such as crowns, veneers, bonds, etc.

Watch this video to learn more about tooth whitening using custom trays and decide if this is right for you.

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